Serving in church ministry is an essential way to grow and develop in your faith. Serving in church helps us to move from theoretical to practical. Before we serve in church ministry, we may think we know God’s truth and the reality of it. But it isn’t until we put God’s truth into practice and see it work that our faith is firmly established.

We want people to serve at Calvary Chapel Cayo. Having said that, serving in church ministry is an important responsibility. We have learned that for service to be a good edifying experience for all involved, those who serve should have at least been regular attenders at our church for at least six months. This gives time for people new to our church to familiarize themselves with who we are, what we believe and how the Lord has led us to do ministry. It also provides church leaders with the opportunity to lead effectively.

The servant’s heart. Jesus had a servant’s heart. He said He didn’t come to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45). There is a Christ-like attitude that the servant-hearted has (see Philippians 2:5-8). As followers of Jesus, we want to serve like Jesus served. Not everyone understands or knows what a servant’s heart is.

Why is a servant’s heart so important to God and the church? Because it is the servant’s heart that serves Jesus in a way that is worthy of Him. A servant’s heart keeps us humble. It is the servant’s heart that keeps us from stealing God’s glory by seeking to be the center of attention. A person with a servant’s heart is flexible, does not resist change and will serve in any capacity. The person with a servant’s heart will not take offense or resent it when others are put in positions of ministry that perhaps they had their eye on. A person with a servant’s heart will do anything God directs them to do because they love God that much. The servant-hearted person wants to decrease while Jesus Christ increases (John 3:30). The servant-hearted person desires God to be glorified in His church even if it comes at the expense of personal recognition and sacrifice. If those who serve the Lord have servant’s hearts there will be far less opportunity for the enemy to distract, divide or destroy in His church body. That is why a servant’s heart is so important to God and His church. It takes time to learn what a servant’s heart is.

We love serving at Calvary Chapel Cayo. We hope the Lord leads you to join us in serving Him here too. God bless and lead you to a place where you can grow in your walk of service with Him.